THE WAR ON CASH IS REAL!! Notice the increase in “self checkout” at places? People using cash are being shunned, made to feel less of a person because they choose to use cash. Never seen cash get hacked!!
To help counter this and to make people feel proud to use cash, we will be offering a discount of 7% for paying your bill with cash.  That is right!! 7% off for using real honest US currency!! This offer can not be combined with our 7%      PATRIOT DISCOUNT CARD. So you can decide at the time of sale, which offer works best. (the Patriot Discount Card has some restrictions. Ask for details)

Let's Go Brandon!!!

Patriot sample
We will be offering a Patriot Discount Card good for 7% off all services and repairs, (except batteries, tires and sublet services.). All you need to do is show us your VOTER ID card to see if you qualify.

Mice make money?

Those cute little rodents! They chewed the fuel line on top of the fuel tank. Had to remove exhaust, drive shaft and the entire rear end and frame to lower the fuel tank. Mr. Mouse cost the customer a little over $1300.00 to repair. They also chewed up the washer bottle hose to the windshield, guess they wanted to wash out the gasoline from their mouths. A little Cayenne pepper sprinkled around under the hood and where you park could help prevent this. Be sure to get all your fuel and brake lines checked when your vehicle is in for service. Be observant if you see any droppings under the hood or notice the ketchup packets in the glove box are chewed up, you may have mice. They also enjoy the wiring on newer vehicles as the insulation around the wires is made with a SOY based plastic. Yum!
Honest work done at reasonable prices with a great warranty. We are locally owned, all that work here live in the immediate area. We shop here, we work here, we care about the community and we care about you the customer.  Since 2004 we have been a part of Taneytown and the surrounding community. If you are looking for a change and get away from that “ripped off” feeling you get at some shops, stop by and meet us, shake our hand, see our facility and see if you feel comfortable trusting us with yours and your families lives. Because that is what you do when you take your vehicle in for service and repair. Think about it.


At Taney Service Center
We Install Quality NAPA Parts

As a part of the NAPA Auto Care Center network, our warranties are covered Nationwide. We are looking for quality customers that really care about their vehicles and their families safety. Vehicles of today are just too complicated and the requirements for fluids and parts can be overwhelming. We will take that worry away. Stop by, meet us and see if we are the shop you have been looking for.
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